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{ Kannazuki no Miko Icon Awards }
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Welcome to KNM Awards, a weekly icon contest for Kannazuki no Miko Icons. Whether you want to enter icons (and sometimes other graphics, too!) or look at and vote on entries, or both, join!

Interested in the schedule of weekly events? On Monday, a moderator will post the week's theme. You have from Monday until Friday to make your icon/graphic. On Friday at Midnight EST -- or thereabouts, as disorganiziation happens -- all the submitted icons will be posted, and voting will begin. Vote for your favorite icon on Saturday and Sunday; winners will be announced after voting closes at 9PM EST on Sunday.


1. Icons must always meet LJ standards: 100x100 pixels, 40kb or less, and in .gif, .jpg., or .png formats.
2. Any submitted icons/graphics should be fresh for that contest; ie, made between Monday and Friday of that week and not posted anywhere else until winners are announced.
3. If you use fanart or doujinshi, crediting your source is polite! Same goes for texture bases, gradients, and anything else you're borrowing from another person except actual KnM images.
4. You can usually submit only one icon per contest; there may be exceptions, though.
5. You must be a member to enter contests and to vote.
6. Icons must be hosted on your own server and submitted in the following format: Image, URL.


1 / Community Icon / ___agony & stephymoo
2 / Orochi / spectrum
3 / "Kissing You" / spectrum
4 / DVD Insides / stephymoo
5 / TBA

Maintainer: hellenelle


Currently looking for bannermaking help! Anyone interested? Comment in community posts or contact me.


kkm_icontest / knm_rating

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